Matzuo Nano Crank 3/4″

Sure to be a favorite among ultra-light fishermen and those who play their trade in heavily fished waters. The Nano Crank baits float at rest but dive 3 ft. when retrieved steadily.

The Matzuo Nano Crank 3/4" features lifelike 3-D eyes, highly-reflective prism finish, and quality black chrome Matzuo® hooks. Delicately weighted and balanced to provide an alphabet bait style wiggle without allowing this bait to drift or wander. A large crankbait action in a mini crankbait body.

About the size of a penny and designed to mimic smaller “bite-sized” baitfish, these versatile mini-baits promote powerful strike responses from Trout, Perch and other Panfish as well as Bass.
1 per poly card
3/4" lure

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Price: $3.79

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