Mike's Salmon Eggs

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1.6oz bottles

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Atlas and Mike’s salmon eggs have been marketed successfully for over 65 years and have earned a reputation of premium quality from anglers around the world. Special care is taken to select only the best quality bait eggs mother nature can supply. Atlas and Mike’s brands are processed from natural fish roe. The eggs are graded for size and texture in order to produce uniform quality and size for each specific brand. Texture relates to the softness or hardness of an egg and is an important factor in various fishing techniques. Our secret processing formulas were developed through an ongoing program of research and field testing which enables us to offer an egg style to meet every trout fishing need.

Mike’ Brands are primarily large size medium texture eggs. Soft yet firm enough to stay on a hook for casting and drifting. Salmon eggs are a natural food for trout and simply irresistible. There is no better bait for trout than the single salmon egg. They are easy to use and with a bit of experimenting using various egg styles and fishing techniques the average angler will soon become an expert egg angler which will improve fishing success.