Cedar Insect Repellent Spray- Quart


1 32 oz. bottle

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Natural Non Toxic Insect Repellent, Green, Safe and Eco-Friendly

Indoor/Outdoor Repellent And Mildew Retardant

Pleasant cedar aroma Cedar Insect Repellant Spray- Quart,  makes bugs stay away. It will repel a multitude of insects from mosquitoes to silverfish. Easy to use, three-finger spray nozzle. No need to use gloves! It’s chemical free! Spray on plants, animals and yourself if you like. No mildew where you have CedarCide. Use under the sink, behind the refrigerator and in the cracks and crevices where bugs normally congregate. Dries invisible and grease free.  USE PRODUCT # 4007 for refills or larger amounts that might be needed for Barn or Equine Center spraying. New and improved formula that can be diluted as much as 3 to 1 for use in a hand held trigger or pump up sprayer. For inside and outside use.

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