CedarCide Insect Repellent Lotion


1 4 ounce bottle of lotion

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Keep children safe from crawling and biting pests and dangerous nerve toxic pesticides. Cedarcide insect repellent lotion is completely non toxic. Cedarcide’s cedar scented 4oz. insect repellant lotion is deet free and kid safe. .  4 ounce tube of pleasant smelling deet free, pest bug repellent lotion that will stop mosquitoes, fleas, flies, chiggers, no-see-ums, gnats and numerous other pesky insects from coming near you. Easy to apply. Just rub the exposed area with this white cedar scented lotion and the insects won’t even attempt to get near you. Safe for children, non staining. You will like this moisturizing lotion that keeps the bugs away. Keep it in your purse. CedarCide’s Insect repellent is 100% Organic and Chemical-free. Excellent for outdoor sporting events. A must for soccer moms worldwide.

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